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    • Software, OS, and the Internet
      This forum is for the discussion of software like Operating Systems, applications, etc, plus all things Internet related.
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    • For Sale/Trade
      Want to buy, sell, or trade something? Look no further.
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    • Need Deals?
      Need help finding a good price? Wondering if something's a deal, or have questions about a deal or site? This is the place to ask. Please be courteous and do some of your own research first.
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    • MLM, Referrals, and Spam Forum
      This is the place to submit new Multi-level Marketing schemes, referral links, and general spam. Links to auctions sites like Ebay go here. Yes, this is where Free iPods threads go!
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    • AMD Realm
      If you need platform help, want processor discussions, chipset discussions, and business discussions for AMD products, this is the place.
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    • Technical Support
      Your system being fussy? Get advice/tips on how to fix your computer.
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    • Suckage/Not-So-Suckage
      Need to get something off your chest, too many Dells deals got you down or just want to say nice things, this is the place to do it. Also, post online stores that just suck or places that you recommend.
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    • Off Topic
      Talk about whatever is on your mind that is not already covered by the other forums. Use as a last resort if your topic has nothing to do with any other forum.
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    • Automotive & Transportation
      All things related to transportation. Cars, motorcycles, streets, directions, traffic, cops, gas prices, crosswalks, you name it.
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    • Games
      Games! Games! Games! Whether you are stuck in an area of a game, or just can't wait for a game to come out, express your feelings/opinions here.
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    • Home Theater Equipment
      Feel the need to brag about your rig? Got questions about HDTV, 16:9, cables, wires? Post them here.
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    • Entertainment, Music, & Sports
      What's new on DVD, the movie theaters, on TV, & on the radio? Music, concerts, & sports talk welcomed here, along with everything about entertainers, musicians, & athletes. :)
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    • Finance, Investments & Careers
      Talk about the market and the latest investment tips and trends. Please read the disclaimer. Also, job related discussion goes here.
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