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Drew P
! alert !
:abduct:they are out there :abduct:

saw this posting on another forum:
rr thread

“Got the “you-are-banned-from-the-program-for-sharing-codes” email.
I’ve only been playing for less than a month!”

these guys just can’t see the forest for the trees
they don’t recognize a good thing when it hits them in the face
if opportunity knocked they’d slam the door

this forum is a goldmine for them
they can monitor it and gleen valuable insight as to what is working and what isn’t
members solve problems that otherwise would be a flood of irate questions

other websites pay good money to get the information they get free here.
they should be so delighted with the value of this free tool
that they should post free “non poisonous” codes on the forum.

they should rethink their no sharing codes policy
it is really silly