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    It’s that time of year. Anyone else been digging in the dirt lately?

    I had the week off from work, spent most of it just puttering around and relaxing at home. Here’s my big project for the week.

    Here’s what I started with:


    I asked the landlord if he’d mind me putting in a raised bed by the lattice. It’s the south side of the house so it gets great sun. He said sure. So I did, and I was happy with it, and there was plenty of house left, so I kept going.

    And here’s what I ended up with:


    I didn’t spend a dime on the whole thing (except for some bagged manure and the plants). It’s all reclaimed wood, old dock boards from a friend’s camp. I’m quite happy with it, a nice little urban garden IMHO.
    I hope the landlord doesn’t mind, HEH!

    So far there’s red and green peppers at the very top, then (working downwards) chard and lettuce in the 2nd bed, then arugula in the 3rd, tomatoes in the 4th, Nugget hops and extra space for some basil (to be planted) in the 5th, then Centennial and Willamette hops and peas at the bottom. There’s some free space here and there so I’ll be filling in the rest in the next couple weeks.

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